Interview with a Purpose

The day has finally arrived where you were given a new headcount – now you can achieve all of your department’s goals. You work diligently to determine the talent gap that plagues your team and create a job description that has the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to attract quality candidates. You receive a stack of resumes to review, and you make a list of whom you would like to interview.  

Are you compelled to interview all of the candidates presented to you? Would this be conducive to you in making a decision, or would this make for a good candidate experience? The days of interviewing countless candidates, including every stakeholder in the decision-making process, and having countless interviews are over. You can avoid this while still making the best hiring decision for your department.

Candidate experience is an important factor to consider when attracting candidates. The interview process should be a streamlined and consistent process to ensure a compliant, quick, and efficient decision-making process. You did your due diligence to determine the talent gap in your department – do the same with your interview process.

Interview with a purpose…

Devise a plan.

·       Assess the resumes presented to you to confirm they meet the specified criteria and verify that the candidates have been screened to ensure they understand and they are interested in the role.

·       Determine who should be involved in the hiring decision process and discuss the talent gap that you are trying to fill in your department.

·       Craft your interview questions to ensure that they correlate to the pre-determined knowledge, skills, and abilities.  

·       Create a consistent evaluation process.

·       Limit the number of interviewers and interviewees to ensure the best stakeholder and candidate experience.

·       Debrief after the interviews. 

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