Networking: Getting to Know You…

What comes to mind when you hear or read that the best way to find a job is to network?  To some, the phrase brings to mind “It is not what you know. It is who you know”.  Well, not necessarily. Think of it this way: You are a confident, competent and highly experienced professional in your career but you have to let a prospective employer know about your brand and your unique set of expertise. 

Isn’t everyone networking? Well, yes, most individuals are networking but are they all networking in the same way or in the correct way?

Do they have a strategic plan as to who they will target, why, how, and how to follow up? If you were opening up a business, bringing a new product to market, implementing new software, or rolling out a new training initiative, wouldn’t you start by creating a plan? This same methodology should be utilized when you are searching for a new career/job.

You have a personal brand and you need to market yourself to your network and prospective employers.

What can be included in your personal brand and your networking/marketing strategy? How can I network from home? You can leverage the following:

·        Your Resume

·        Your LinkedIn

·        Other social media

·        Online Portfolios

·        Virtual groups

Remember to do your research, be genuine, creative, and intentional in your marketing networking/marketing strategy.  

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