Employer Branding

What do people think when they see or hear the name of your organization? What are people saying about your organization: employees and customers? Have you considered your employer’s value proposition: vision, mission, and values? Your organization’s online reputation not only impacts your bottom line but also impacts attracting talent/employees. Additionally, culture impacts retaining and motivating your employees.

According to Built In, 46% of candidates believe culture is very important in the application process, with a grand total of 88% of job seekers citing it as at least of relative importance and employees who don’t like their organization’s culture are 24% more likely to leave.

Where to begin? Begin by determining the gaps and setting goals by asking questions: Where are we, where do we want to go and how do we get there?

  • Develop a consistent marketing brand on your various social media sites, website, and events
    • Determine where prospective talent and employees hangout and craft relevant content and events
  • Check social media and reviews
    • What are employees saying on Glassdoor.com?
      • Are you monitoring these sites and commenting to address issues?
  • Get employees involved
    • Survey employees and have focus groups to find out employees want and value
      • Do employees feel valued and respected?
      • Review your benefits package – are they still relevant and are they competitive?
  • Create a career development program where employees can see a career path and craft a plan for the future
    • Institute a mentorship program
  • Partner with schools
    • Establish an internship or apprenticeship program
  • Get involved in the community
    • Choose organizations that you and your employees’ value
  • Pay attention to the candidate experience
    • Review your interview process to ensure that it is efficient, organized, and not intrusive for the candidate

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