Career Development Savant

Want to attract top talent?


The marketplace is constantly changing, and you need employees that can help you differentiate yourselves. You know that employees are necessary for an organization to attain their strategic goals and their competitive advantage. You devote many of your resources to attract, retain, and motivate your employees but turnover happens. Turnover can paralyze an organization. The recruiting and selection process can be tedious, and you need top talent quickly! We can assist you with your talent acquisition concerns by partnering with you to provide customized employee recruitment and selection solutions. 

Career Development Savant is Your Career Partner…


We can take over all or a portion of your talent acquisition process. We will take the time to conduct needs assessments and job analysis to ensure we determine the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities that work with your organization’s culture and needs. 

Our Services: 

· Streamlining the recruitment and selection process

· Needs assessment

· Job analysis

· Creating job descriptions

· Placing job ads

· Social media recruiting

· Sourcing candidates

· Behavioral-based interviewing

· Pre-screening candidates

· Coaching managers in the selection process